The zentransfert solution was elaborated by FCNET, specialist in development and in hosting Internet applications, in consultation with a lot of companies dealing with the problem of heavy-weight file sending by the Internet.

A professional tool without compromise

  • Ease of use, only an Internet browser is needed
  • Cross-platforms compatibility : PC, mac, unix
  • Unlimited number of recipient accounts
  • Modular disk space depending on your needs
  • Total security : your data storage is saved and hosted in a room answering to the most strict norms of hosting

The product's advantages

  • Drag and drop : Drag the files to send from your desktop to the Zentransfert's interface.
  • Transferts' speed : the files are compressed before being downloaded.
  • Ergonomic : the files tree are kept.
  • Professional : you specify the lifetime and the disk space for each recipient account.
  • Customizable : we can propose a customization of the interface with your logo and/or the direct integration to your website.

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